A Open, Unified, Lightweight, Simpler Containers as a Service (CaaS).

Welcome to Drycc

Drycc Workflow is an open source container cloud platform.

Usually we also call it Container as a Service(CaaS) that adds a developer-friendly layer to any Kubernetes cluster, making it easy to deploy and manage applications.

Drycc Workflow includes capabilities for building and deploying from source via git push, simple application configuration, creating and rolling back releases, managing domain names and SSL certificates, providing seamless edge routing, aggregating logs, and sharing applications with teams. All of this is exposed through a simple REST API and command line interface.

Getting Started

To get started with Workflow, follow our Quick Start guide.

Take a deep dive into Drycc Workflow in our Concepts, Architecture, and Components sections.

Feel like contibuting some code or want to get started as a maintainer? Pick an issue tagged as an easy fix or help wanted and start contributing!

Quick Start

Step-by-step guides for deploying your first app and mastering the basics of Drycc.

Understanding Workflow

Understanding the architecture design of workflow.

Installing To Kubenetes

Deploying Drycc on a Kubernetes Cluster.


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manage users.


A simple and scalable cloud platform for all developer needs.

Managing Workflow

Managing Workflow using the kubectl.


Troubleshooting is systematic approach to problem-solving.


Browse the ever-growing list of up-to-date, community driven roadmaps.

Contribution Guidelines

This HowTo is for project maintainers who need a Contributing Guide for their project.

Reference Guide

Reference gxwuide definition and meaning.