Domains and Routing

Make your apps accessible via custom domain names.

You can use drycc domains to add or remove custom domains to the application:

$ drycc domains:add --type=web
Adding to finest-woodshed... done

Once that’s done, you can go into a DNS registrar and set up a CNAME from the new appname to the old one:

$ dig
;; ANSWER SECTION:         1759    IN    CNAME    270     IN    A

!!! note Setting a CNAME for a root domain can cause issues. Setting an @ record to be a CNAME causes all traffic to go to the other domain, including mail and the SOA (“start-of-authority”) records. It is highly recommended that you bind a subdomain to an application, however you can work around this by pointing the @ record to the address of the load balancer (if any).

To add or remove the application from the routing mesh, use drycc routing:

$ drycc routing:disable
Disabling routing for finest-woodshed... done

This will make the application unreachable through the Router, but the application is still reachable internally through its Kubernetes Service. To re-enable routing:

$ drycc routing:enable
Enabling routing for finest-woodshed... done