Contribution Guidelines

This HowTo is for project maintainers who need a Contributing Guide for their project.

Contributor Overview

Interested in contributing to a Drycc project? There are lots of ways to help.

Design Documents

Before submitting a pull request which will significantly alter the behavior of any Drycc component.

Development Environment

This document is for developers who are interested in working directly on the Drycc codebase.

Testing Drycc

Each Drycc component is one among an ecosystem of such components - many of which integrate with one another - which makes testing each component thoroughly a matter of paramount importance.

Submitting a Pull Request

Proposed changes to Drycc projects are made as GitHub pull requests.


Drycc is an open source project that anyone in the community can use, improve, and enjoy. We’d love you to join us! Here’s a few ways to find out what’s happening and get involved.

Triaging Issues

Issue triage provides an important way to contribute to an open source project.


The Drycc community welcomes and encourages participation by everyone.

Drycc Maintainers

This document serves to describe the leadership structure of the Drycc project, and list the current project maintainers.