Testing Drycc

Each Drycc component is one among an ecosystem of such components - many of which integrate with one another - which makes testing each component thoroughly a matter of paramount importance.

Each Drycc component includes its own suite of style checks, unit tests, and black-box type functional tests.

Integration tests verify the behavior of the Drycc components together as a system and are provided separately by the drycc/workflow-e2e project.

GitHub pull requests for all Drycc components are tested automatically by the Travis CI continuous integration system. Contributors should run the same tests locally before proposing any changes to the Drycc codebase.

Set Up the Environment

Successfully executing the unit and functional tests for any Drycc component requires that the Development Environment is set up first.

Run the Tests

The style checks, unit tests, and functional tests for each component can all be executed via make targets:

To execute style checks:

$ make test-style

To execute unit tests:

$ make test-unit

To execute functional tests:

$ make test-functional

To execute style checks, unit tests, and functional tests all in one shot:

$ make test

To execute integration tests, refer to drycc/workflow-e2e documentation.