Troubleshooting Workflow

Common issues that users have run into when provisioning Workflow are detailed below.

A Component Fails to Start

For information on troubleshooting a failing component, see Troubleshooting with Kubectl.

An Application Fails to Start

For information on troubleshooting application deployment issues, see Troubleshooting Applications.

Permission denied (publickey)

The most common problem for this issue is the user forgetting to run drycc keys:add or add their private key to their SSH agent. To do so, run ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa and try running git push drycc master again.

If you happen get a Could not open a connection to your authentication agent error after trying to run ssh-add command above, you may need to load the SSH agent environment variables issuing the eval "$(ssh-agent)" command before.

Other Issues

Running into something not detailed here? Please open an issue or hop into #community on Slack for help!