Managing Workflow

Managing Workflow using the kubectl.

Tuning Component Settings

Helm Charts are a set of Kubernetes manifests that reflect best practices for deploying an application or service on Kubernetes.

Configure DNS

The Drycc Workflow controller and all applications deployed via Workflow are intended (by default) to be accessible as subdomains of the Workflow cluster’s domain.

Deploy Hooks

Deploy hooks allow an external service to receive a notification whenever a new version of your app is pushed to Workflow.

Platform Logging

Logs are a stream of time-stamped events aggregated from the output streams of all your app’s running processes. Retrieve, filter, or use syslog drains.

Platform Monitoring

Platform monitoring to your apps to spot issues in advance and respond to incidents quickly.

Production Deployments

When readying a Workflow deployment for production workloads, there are some additional recommendations.

Upgrading Workflow

Drycc Workflow releases may be upgraded in-place with minimal downtime.