Planning Process

Drycc features a lightweight process that emphasizes openness and ensures every community member can be an integral part of planning for the future.

The Role of Maintainers

Maintainers lead the Drycc projects. Their duties include proposing the Roadmap, reviewing and integrating contributions and maintaining the vision of the project.

Open Roadmap

The Drycc Roadmap is a community document. While Maintainers propose the Roadmap, it gets discussed and refined in Release Planning Meetings.

Contributing to the Roadmap

Proposals and issues can be opened by anyone. Every member of the community is welcome to participate in the discussion by providing feedback and/or offering counter-proposals.

Release Milestones

The Roadmap gets delivered progressively via the Release Schedule. Releases are defined during Release Planning Meetings and managed using GitHub Milestones which track specific deliverables and work-in-progress.

Release Planning Meetings

Major decisions affecting the Roadmap are discussed during Release Planning Meetings on the first Thursday of each month, aligned with the Release Schedule.

Release Planning Meetings are open to the public with access coordinated via the Drycc #community Slack channel. Notes from past meetings are below, along with links to a recording of the entire meeting on YouTube.


Thanks to Amy Lindburg and our friends at Podman for their inspiration.