Drycc Workflow Client CLI

How to download, install Drycc CLI tools.

Drycc Workflow Client CLI

The Drycc command-line interface (CLI), lets you interact with Drycc Workflow. Use the CLI to create and configure and manage applications.

Install the drycc client for Linux or Mac OS X with:

$ curl -sfL https://www.drycc.cc/install-cli.sh | bash -

!!! important Users in Chinese mainland can use the following methods to speed up installation:

$ curl -sfL https://www.drycc.cc/install-cli.sh | INSTALL_DRYCC_MIRROR=cn bash -

Others please visit: https://github.com/drycc/workflow-cli/releases

The installer places the drycc binary in your current directory, but you should move it somewhere in your $PATH:

$ sudo ln -fs $PWD/drycc /usr/local/bin/drycc


$ sudo mv $PWD/drycc /usr/local/bin/drycc

Check your work by running drycc version:

$ drycc version

!!! note Note that version numbers may vary as new releases become available